The sense about scents.......Part 1

Stepping beyond the importance of our additional 4 senses, we will highlight our most elusive sense, one of my favorite gifts we are blessed with, the gift of smell.  Scent  cannot be seen, touched, or felt,  yet is the most emotionally powerful and mysterious of the senses,  and makes its wearer impossible to forget.  It speaks no words, but has a distinct voice that can captivate, seduce, repulse or mesmerize. 

We will evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly of  the importance it plays on enhancing or obliterating our image in a matter of seconds, regardless of how fabulous your wardrobe may be.  

One would think, that following the diaper stage, and no longer wearing Onesies , a tutorial on bad odors would have been established, by that certain age, related to personal  hygiene.  At some point we became aware of good smells and bad odors. Time passes, we grow up, and our sense of smell evolves.  Our brain establishes a relationship between past memories and smell, which can be triggered through ongoing experiences when you once again come in contact with those similar aromas,  recreating the memory of those past experiences, or special moments, we grew up with; dinner at grandma's house, your father's after shave, your mother's favorite cologne, the scent of freshly cut grass, the smell of a rotten egg, onions, mothballs, peanut butter or  burnt toast, chocolate, a field of lavender, and the freshly scented air after a warm Spring shower.  

Scent cannot be seen, but will be remembered long after your outfit is forgotten. It is another way to add beauty and harmony to your life, and is a very important feature of your character, image and individuality.  It is the hidden passageway to your soul.  The scent you choose should move you, or speak to you and describe who you are.  You should wear it for yourself.






In my opinion: Award Shows

After wasting away hours on the award shows, and accidentally sitting through a few Fashion  Police episodes……I have only one question, WHO IS DRESSING THESE PEOPLE???? Could there be a shortage of mirrors in Hollywood? (Pardon me, that’s two questions).When the label of what you are wearing becomes more important then how you look in it,   and the designers only instinct is to get it on the runway, the results should be that of embarrassment for those fashion victims that should know better, but don’t. What has happened to the glamor, elegance, good taste and common sense of what is    appropriate in dress and etiquette for such occasions? I was witness to an evening of    fashion faux pas improv, with too many unshaven men that could have been appealing if only they had had the time to shave, and sadly enough,  didn’t have a pocket square to spare, or wear! Then we have the women, bestowed with natural beauty that you could         not see through the heavily clad makeup, over abundance of jewels, wearing gowns that wore them, instead of the reverse.  Now I understand why I usually do not partake in such nonsense, (However, showing respect to my house guest from Hollywood Hills, and my other fashionista friends, male and female, I was doing my diligent duty to share in this euphoric event!) My only hinge to sanity throughout this whole ordeal is the thought that they can not really be paying  someone who is encouraging them to go out in public creating this image for themselves.

My best advice : Next time wear the label on the outside, so everyone will know what you are wearing! 

Idea for yet another reality tv show: 30 days before…. the Oscars/Emmys/ Grammy’s/ Golden Globes /Westminster……or any award show // behind the scenes…..what to say, what to wear, the art of wearing makeup, when too much bling wears you, and when not to listen to your stylist…..pick your own combo, and before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and ask one question: Is this the image I want my audience to remember?

By the way…..who is policing the Fashion Police????

Men, picture this...

As you are making progress in organizing and pulling together your wardrobe pieces and combinations, please pay attention to the details!

If you have invested in a good suit, or sport coat combination...and accessorize appropriately with a belt that compliments your shoes, a beautiful tie, maybe throw in a pocket square, and you are feeling good with the image that you are presenting- take one more look in the mirror before you exit through that door.

What is that nylon/velcro tote bag that you are transporting your important paperwork, or computer in? Carrying the freebie tote bag with some companies logo on it that you received from the most recent trade show you attended is not appropriate. One missing element like this can throw your whole look off. There are many alternatives that won't break the bank, and will enrich your professional image. Invest in a suitable briefcase or messenger bag. You will be so glad that you did!

Cleaning up your wardrobe, and your image!

As Spring approaches, we anticipate the arrival of sunny days, with warmer temperatures!  This is the time that we can start to eliminate the heavier layers and re-introduce those favorites from last Spring. Adding a few new essentials to freshen up your look, you will be well on your way to greet the new season in style.

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Cat's Essentials

A short list of essentials to enhance your image and your wardrobe:

-A professional and trustworthy dry cleaner to clean, press and care for your wardrobe.

-An expert seamstress or custom tailor- the proper fit makes the difference.

-A hair stylist you trust, that listens and offers feedback.

-Find your favorite neighborhood spa to enjoy pampering yourself, with regularly scheduled manicures/pedicures. (Yes, this is a must for men and women!)

-Shoe Repair-with  the proper care, your shoes will not only look good, but last much longer.

Wardrobe Basics | For Men

If you are on a budget, start with the basics. You will have the essential pieces to pull together many different outfits, and be well on your way to developing a wardrobe that is an investment to your image. In the beginning, less is more.  Once you own the essentials, building on to your wardrobe is fun and easy!  Here is a guide to help you get started!

1.  Suit  (Single breasted, 2 or 3 button, charcoal solid)

2.  Navy Blazer (single breasted, 2 or 3 button)

3.  Wool gab trouser (charcoal,  medium grey)

4.  Dress shirt (white or blue solid)

5.  Trench Coat (Black, navy or brown)

6.  Brown lace up dress  shoes (clean silhouette, nothing chunky)

7.  Cotton flat front trouser (khaki or stone color)

8.  Sweater (classic V neck, zip neck, or crew neck/ black, charcoal, navy, camel or plum)

9.  Jean (well fitting to your body type, clean, dark denim/blue, black, charcoal or brown)

10.  Ankle boot (clean, black Chelsea boot)

Wardrobe Basics | For Women

If your closet is empty, and you are just getting started - or if your closet is full, yet you never

have a thing to wear, this is a guide to help you get  started!

1.  White blouse

2. Black pant  ( if your suit is a pantsuit, make this a black pencil skirt)

3.  Suit (Pant and jacket, or skirt and jacket)  (color suggestions-black, charcoal, navy or camel)

4. Little black dress

5. Trenchcoat (black or beige, knee length)

6. Knee high leather boot (black or brown )

7.  Cardigan (waist length or 3/4 length, add  color here to coordinate withall of the above

: red, lavender, camel, animal print, charcoal or black) You can never have enough black!

8. One pair of fabulous black heels

9. Jeans (dark color and a great fit)

10. One fantastic handbag (start with black)

When starting a wardrobe, remember, a few good pieces can take you a long way.

If you want to dress well, there is NO EXCUSE not to! 

Every detail makes a difference. Attention should be paid to proper fit.  Sleeve length

should not be sloppy and pant length should be measured with the shoes that you plan

to wear with them. (Take your shoes for the fitting ).  Panty lines are never acceptable,

(hosiery, tights and leggingsare such  wonderful accessories, and the selection is endless) 

and for those little extras thatyou don’t want to be seen, invest in Spanx!

(So popular, they are now available for Men and Women!)

It is time to invest in yourself!  Let your wardrobe be a positive impact on your image!