Cleaning up your wardrobe, and your image!

As Spring approaches, we anticipate the arrival of sunny days, with warmer temperatures!  This is the time that we can start to eliminate the heavier layers and re-introduce those favorites from last Spring. Adding a few new essentials to freshen up your look, you will be well on your way to greet the new season in style.

The most difficult task is to be honest and realistic with yourself. This is your image that we are working on, and it all starts with what is in your closet! Review the pieces that you already own.  Are there pieces that have hung around one more season (or more), and not been worn at all?  Pull those out, along with the pieces that no longer fit, are too shabby and have lost their luster, need alterations or dry cleaning, and just do not, and never will again fit.

If in doubt, throw it out! (Or donate it) :)

Now look at what you have left.  Pull some new outfits together out of the pieces that you can wear today and tomorrow.  Start to enjoy the pieces that you have,  reacessorize to create a fresh  new  look, and wear them!  If you have great pieces that are worth saving, and don’t have the complimentary parts to create an outfit, then make a list of those pieces and go out and find the special piece that will pull it all together.

That’s enough for one day’s work!  Enjoy your wardrobe, dressing should be fun!  It should be as individual as you are, and is a reflection to the world of your image and what you want others to see, without having to utter a single word!