In my opinion: Award Shows

After wasting away hours on the award shows, and accidentally sitting through a few Fashion  Police episodes……I have only one question, WHO IS DRESSING THESE PEOPLE???? Could there be a shortage of mirrors in Hollywood? (Pardon me, that’s two questions).When the label of what you are wearing becomes more important then how you look in it,   and the designers only instinct is to get it on the runway, the results should be that of embarrassment for those fashion victims that should know better, but don’t. What has happened to the glamor, elegance, good taste and common sense of what is    appropriate in dress and etiquette for such occasions? I was witness to an evening of    fashion faux pas improv, with too many unshaven men that could have been appealing if only they had had the time to shave, and sadly enough,  didn’t have a pocket square to spare, or wear! Then we have the women, bestowed with natural beauty that you could         not see through the heavily clad makeup, over abundance of jewels, wearing gowns that wore them, instead of the reverse.  Now I understand why I usually do not partake in such nonsense, (However, showing respect to my house guest from Hollywood Hills, and my other fashionista friends, male and female, I was doing my diligent duty to share in this euphoric event!) My only hinge to sanity throughout this whole ordeal is the thought that they can not really be paying  someone who is encouraging them to go out in public creating this image for themselves.

My best advice : Next time wear the label on the outside, so everyone will know what you are wearing! 

Idea for yet another reality tv show: 30 days before…. the Oscars/Emmys/ Grammy’s/ Golden Globes /Westminster……or any award show // behind the scenes…..what to say, what to wear, the art of wearing makeup, when too much bling wears you, and when not to listen to your stylist…..pick your own combo, and before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and ask one question: Is this the image I want my audience to remember?

By the way…..who is policing the Fashion Police????