Men, picture this...

As you are making progress in organizing and pulling together your wardrobe pieces and combinations, please pay attention to the details!

If you have invested in a good suit, or sport coat combination...and accessorize appropriately with a belt that compliments your shoes, a beautiful tie, maybe throw in a pocket square, and you are feeling good with the image that you are presenting- take one more look in the mirror before you exit through that door.

What is that nylon/velcro tote bag that you are transporting your important paperwork, or computer in? Carrying the freebie tote bag with some companies logo on it that you received from the most recent trade show you attended is not appropriate. One missing element like this can throw your whole look off. There are many alternatives that won't break the bank, and will enrich your professional image. Invest in a suitable briefcase or messenger bag. You will be so glad that you did!