Wardrobe Basics | For Women

If your closet is empty, and you are just getting started - or if your closet is full, yet you never

have a thing to wear, this is a guide to help you get  started!

1.  White blouse

2. Black pant  ( if your suit is a pantsuit, make this a black pencil skirt)

3.  Suit (Pant and jacket, or skirt and jacket)  (color suggestions-black, charcoal, navy or camel)

4. Little black dress

5. Trenchcoat (black or beige, knee length)

6. Knee high leather boot (black or brown )

7.  Cardigan (waist length or 3/4 length, add  color here to coordinate withall of the above

: red, lavender, camel, animal print, charcoal or black) You can never have enough black!

8. One pair of fabulous black heels

9. Jeans (dark color and a great fit)

10. One fantastic handbag (start with black)

When starting a wardrobe, remember, a few good pieces can take you a long way.

If you want to dress well, there is NO EXCUSE not to! 

Every detail makes a difference. Attention should be paid to proper fit.  Sleeve length

should not be sloppy and pant length should be measured with the shoes that you plan

to wear with them. (Take your shoes for the fitting ).  Panty lines are never acceptable,

(hosiery, tights and leggingsare such  wonderful accessories, and the selection is endless) 

and for those little extras thatyou don’t want to be seen, invest in Spanx!

(So popular, they are now available for Men and Women!)

It is time to invest in yourself!  Let your wardrobe be a positive impact on your image!