The sense about scents.......Part 1

Stepping beyond the importance of our additional 4 senses, we will highlight our most elusive sense, one of my favorite gifts we are blessed with, the gift of smell.  Scent  cannot be seen, touched, or felt,  yet is the most emotionally powerful and mysterious of the senses,  and makes its wearer impossible to forget.  It speaks no words, but has a distinct voice that can captivate, seduce, repulse or mesmerize. 

We will evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly of  the importance it plays on enhancing or obliterating our image in a matter of seconds, regardless of how fabulous your wardrobe may be.  

One would think, that following the diaper stage, and no longer wearing Onesies , a tutorial on bad odors would have been established, by that certain age, related to personal  hygiene.  At some point we became aware of good smells and bad odors. Time passes, we grow up, and our sense of smell evolves.  Our brain establishes a relationship between past memories and smell, which can be triggered through ongoing experiences when you once again come in contact with those similar aromas,  recreating the memory of those past experiences, or special moments, we grew up with; dinner at grandma's house, your father's after shave, your mother's favorite cologne, the scent of freshly cut grass, the smell of a rotten egg, onions, mothballs, peanut butter or  burnt toast, chocolate, a field of lavender, and the freshly scented air after a warm Spring shower.  

Scent cannot be seen, but will be remembered long after your outfit is forgotten. It is another way to add beauty and harmony to your life, and is a very important feature of your character, image and individuality.  It is the hidden passageway to your soul.  The scent you choose should move you, or speak to you and describe who you are.  You should wear it for yourself.