"My dear wife Karen and I have traveled the country for years, shopping at many fine mens'  haberdashers along the way.  Karen loved to create my outfits, and dress me in only the finest, from head to toe.  She was an extraordinary woman!  Unfortunately,  on June 20, 2016,  Karen passed away from a sixteen year bout with cancer. 
It was approximately late August or early September that I walked into Wilkes Bashford and  met Cathy Ubell. The first thing I noticed about her was that wonderful smile she has, and how well dressed she was.  Secondly, her warm, contagious personality radiated from her heart.  She is very passionate about what she does, and her customer service skills are second to none.  She listens and if your choices are not right for you, she will be brutally honest with you and explain clearly why she feels this way.  As my personal clothing consultant, Cathy somehow was able to measure what type of man I am, my character, and how I like to dress.  She would place beautiful garments, shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes and accessories in front of my eyes that simply were magnificent!  In the process of working together, I have interviewed her as well, and found out her extensive background and experience in the business.  As you can tell, I've been shopping for mens clothing for years and I know that when you find a gem like Cathy, you've found a very special person.  She is a keeper!  Cathy's skill set is so wonderful, I wonder if the administration at Wilkes Bashford knows how lucky they are to have a sales consultant of this caliber working in their store. 
I will always look for Cathy when I come into the store because she is the finest wardrobe consultant I have ever met.  We share a beautiful personalized business relationship that I never want to be without and she makes me look and feel great.  Regardless of where  I am, I'm  always  complimented  on how well dressed  I am, thanks to Mrs. Cathy Ubell!"

Samuel Brinkley Jr.

I came into the store in January of this year having lost 20 pounds and without any clothes that fit. In the course of a year you have given me a new wardrobe, sage advice and have been a delight to be with. I not only have clothes that truly fit me for the first time in my life, I have clothes that look good and make me feel good. When I put on a suit in the morning or slacks and a sport coat to go out with Michele I feel great knowing that I am wearing the best clothes I have ever owned. 
The best part was that it has been a pleasure to come into the store and spend time with you. You know I don’t like shopping but working with you has made this a wonderful experience. Thanks for everything."

Mark Fredenburg, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager and Equity Analyst

Cathy Ubell is great at finding the clothes that are right for your lifestyle. She is helpful in every way possible. She is clear about what will work and what will not work for your wardrobe. And
she has great taste and lots of patience. I have come back to Wilkes Bashford because of her excellent assistance.
— Connie P. San Francisco, CA

Cathy has made revamping my wardrobe a sheer pleasure. I have tossed things I will never wear and I have found that I have many new outfits from clothes I own, but never knew how to put together. She is a pleasure to work with and has great style. She figures out your style and helps you enhance it. I would recommend having her make a house call!
— Connie Cox Price Owner at Willow Run Sun Valley Rental

Cathy has a sense of style like very few people have. She can transform your wardrobe into the piece of art. And great art it is. You may be hesitant at times, but trust her judgment for one of a kind results. You will be amazed at what can be done with color, patterns, fabrics. You will never want to go back to your old ways. It’s a very fun journey too. She will teach you a lot about clothes, their history, and you’ll see them in a completely new light. You’ll learn how to combine colors, and you *will* start wearing more of them. (Not to mention the compliments you’ll receive for that!) It’s never a dull moment with Cathy so prepare yourself to have your world and your style changed or improved by this true world class Wardrobe Doctor
— Mateusz Berezecki Software Engineer at Facebook

Let me tell you, the fashion police has nothing on Cathy Ubell. She is a first-class subject matter expert at everything fashionable. She excels at helping her clients discover their inner style. I’ve known her for a number of years, she has been like a sister to me. She gave me valuable advice when I was a fashion disaster, working with me from head to toe, starting with hair and makeup, and then wardrobe. She helped me to dress for success through every job interview. She also helped me to design a fashionable living space, so it’s pretty clear her knowledge and ability transcends the clothing industry. I highly recommend Cathy for all of your style needs.
— Tina Coviello, Project Specialist, Global Services PMO

The best service I’ve ever had in any shopping experience anywhere in the world was with Cathy at Wilkes Bashford. She is like my personal Coco Chanel. She has a great eye for what matches your personality, your style and body shape. Her taste is refined and she’s very very knowledgeable and experienced in fashion and dressing. And she gently encourages you to try more daring things that do work for you. It’s not cheap. This isn’t a discount store but if you need a wardrobe update with a few good new pieces Cathy is the best person to help you. I’ve shopped in Bergdorf & Goodman in NYC with the personal shoppers and they are awful awful and unprofessional and with poor taste, poor knowledge and just wasted my time. I ended up not buying anything with them and shopping alone on my trip. I’ve shopped in Europe in London, Zurich, Milan and Paris and the service is nothing compared to Wilkes Bashford. The salespeople just sell you anything. Not with Cathy, she sells you what you need, the best, and the things you never thought to try on, look amazing when she pull the right pieces for you. You will save a lor of time and energy if you take your shopping to Cathy. Cathy is also quite fun and interesting. She can get a little... how can I say temperamental, in a positive way which is extravagantly fun! I enjoy shopping with her immensely and I always miss her on my shopping trips in Europe. She’s never been wrong with anything she chooses for me.
Simply the best service store I’ve ever encountered.
— Galina V. San Francisco, CA

Cathy Ubell is the ultimate stylist in The San Francisco Bay Area. When I say stylist, I don’t mean someone who can match a pair of trousers to a button down and call it a “look,” what I mean by that is someone who dreams about this seasons color combinations, can perfectly pick out the best silhouette for every body type just looking at someone, knows the difference from a classic piece to a cliché of the season. She’s a lover of art and creativity, and can make anyone look like a million bucks. Cathy is sassy and fabulous in every way. She is brutally honest, and will never let you walk out the door looking anything less than amazing. She makes unfashionable people become fashion obsessed – I’ve seen it with my own eyes working for her. It’s incredible to see Cathy at work - she is knowledgeable about so many things when it comes to fashion, but also so heavily educated on each individual customer of hers. I’ve never seen anyone who could recall so many customers’ preferences off the top of their head like Cathy. Every time a new shipment comes through the doors of Wilkes Bashford, Cathy takes one look and stashes multiple pieces for her clients she knows would love and appreciate them because she knows them so well she can do that! If you want your wardrobe cleaned out, Cathy can do it. If you want to update your look, Cathy can do it. If you want someone in your life as the ultimate wardrobe consultant, Cathy will do it. Cathy is truly exceptional at what she does, trust me. You’ll never look back once you start working with her!
— Cecily Welch Predictive Marketing Cloud

Cathy is excellent at what she does. I have known her for over 14 years, she knows my closet (inside out). She is a gem at what she does. I always look forward to see her
— Eric Menard Creator / Manager at Decodence

Cathy is incredibly talented and is the consummate professional. She learns what her clients like and want and goes to incredible lengths to help make shopping a successful experience. For someone like myself who doesn’t normally enjoy trying to find clothes, she makes the whole experience survivable and even fun! She respects her clients’ individual needs, and never pushes them to do more than they want.
— Jack Resneck, Jr Professor and Vice-Chair of Dermatology, UCSF

Before upgrading your wardrobe, the first thing to do is upgrade your wardrobe consultant and one of the very best is Cathy. She a truly a rare gem: a consummate professional with unwavering honesty and integrity, and outstanding taste and fashion sense. For many years now, Cathy has expertly guided my wardrobe and gift purchases with consistent, spot-on advice and counsel. Truly a lovely woman and pleasure to work with, she simply stands head & shoulders above the rest
— Garth Phillips General Manager at McCarthy Cook & Co.

Cathy is the ultimate professional and a master in her craft. She can make me look good and that takes real talent!
— Mark Krukiel Principal/ Creative Director at krukiel

Cathy has my respect for always being professional and excelling at every aspect of her work. She remembers the clothes she sold me & my family even years ago, pairs them up with new items and is very respectful of our budget. Cathy is the undisputed authority in high-end fashion for the style one wants to live.

It is a real pleasure to work with her, and also to receive compliments from strangers on being well dressed
— Martin Vajda Director at MV Associates

Cathy is and always has been a designer of good living.I have known Cathy for most of my life and in that time she has consistently been a point of inspiration for how I design my own.Driven by her passions revolving around art, design, literature, film, fashion & interiors- she has made it her priority to enrich the lives of those who are privileged enough to be within her inner circle. Her infectious enthusiasm and keen ability to discern the present and future needs of those that she assists is what keeps her clients returning to her for her expert advice. She is a master colorist & skilled taste-maker who brings a strong work ethic to every project that she is involved in- always exceeding expectations. Collaborating with Cathy promises a fulfilling experience that will undoubtedly elevate your quality of life in more ways than one. Thank you Cathy!
— Francesca Martin Interior Designer at WRNS Studio March 6, 2012

Cathy is the best at styling C level executives, socialites, moms, up-and-coming professionals and everyone in-between. She can customizes your wardrobe for special events and for everyday life, whatever your needs. I highly recommend her
— Laura Moreno Fox Writer July 16, 2011
Cathy is great at her job. I have worked with her for many years now and have always being amazed at the way she can put an outfit together... She is very knowledgeable about putting together a wardrobe for every occasion, keeping you informed of new items that will fit into your wardrobe and working within your budget. She is very professional and punctual. I highly recommend Cathy
— John McGleenan President & CEO One Union Recording Studios July 7, 2011

Cathy is an accomplished listener - she listens to what you want. Her follow-through and follow-up are phenomenal. Her personal sense of style, and knowledge of the fashion industry, is top drawer. I have never gone to Cathy for anything when I have not come away totally thrilled with every purchase - from a pair of socks to Pratesi bed linens. She shops for both my wardrobe and my husband’s, and for our two homes as well. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is ready to develop a long-term working relationship that is based on good, solid, old-fashioned customer service. You will not be disappointed
— Kathy Giannotti Independent Design Professional April 28, 2010

There are probably thousands of “fashion/wardrobe” consultants out there who promise to revitalize your image and help you make wise clothing purchases. As with anything else, some are pretenders and wannabes, others, solid, well-intentioned and helpful and then there is an elite.

Cathy is one step beyond the elite.

Having worked with Cathy now for some 14 years I can say that in my experience she uniquely combines a phenomenal sense of fashion and color with an encyclopedic knowledge of good design and quality. I enjoy her enthusiasm and appreciate that she has an eye to protecting a budget. Sometimes that means purchasing clothing as a long-term investment, sometimes it means bargain hunting. She is expert at both.

Her energy and personal charm are extras but make buying clothing a pleasure instead of an ordeal. Her sales approach is attentive and low key. She doesn’t jam you. On the other hand I can tell her I’m coming and she will pull things and have them ready—a huge time savings. She is very organized.

Working with Cathy is an educational process. She will advise you what not to buy—things too trendy to last—but will stretch your sense of options if you are willing to follow her lead and take a few risks with color and fabric combinations. She deals in quality and advises buying things that always remain in style then shows you how to accessorize them differently to keep them looking fresh and current.

In summary, I trust Cathy. I have come to trust her because she has proven an invaluable professional resource who treats me as a friend. I also admire her. Does it get any better than that?

I feel exceptionally fortunate that our paths crossed
— Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D Performance Psychologist, July 18, 2009

Very Early stage venture capitalist

Cathy is exceptional in every regard. She has excellent fashion sense and judgment, she is honest and always accessible, and most importantly she is passionate and dedicated to her job, which is making you look professional and great. She will tailor her recommendations to your specific situation.

I’d recommend Cathy for anything from choosing the right tie for a special occasion to totally re-doing a wardrobe.

Cathy is also a joy to work with. Really fun and tells it like it is
— Jon Callaghan Very Early stage venture capitalist May 21, 2009

Cathy is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a great eye for detail and can work within any budget to get you the results you need to look your best no matter what the occasion. She is an absolute joy to work with and is widely considered one of the best wardrobe consultants anywhere. I am a very happy customer.
— David Fox Founder and Head of Operations at Stellar Labs, Inc April 1, 2009

Cathy is excellent at what she does. I have worked with her for over 12 years and I don’t need to buy clothes anywhere else. She knows my tastes, has great sourcing abilities and is an absolute hoot to work with. I can only sing her praises
— Philip Black Venture Capital Investor March 12, 2009
Cathy is among the most service oriented persons I have ever met. She is not only knowledgeable about her products and how they come together for a wardrobe, or “a look” or need, but she is great at follow-up, keeping you informed of new items that will fit into your wardrobe, of sales or trunk shows, and for ongoing maintenance and in-filling. And she is never too busy to be of assistance. Overall, she is the person you want to have for advise and counsel with your wardrobe
— David Giannotti Owner, David A. Giannotti, A Professional Corporation March 2, 2009,